A Christmas story

Book design and illustration

Each year, a loving father writes a book for his children. Each year the theme of the book concentrates on the hobbies of the two youngest brothers, and a plot to save Santa from some kind of danger.

In this book, Santa gets stuck on Venus, scattering presents around our solar system. The buys and their family set out in a hoke-built rocket to save him, his sleigh, the presents and his reindeer.

After the two buys find out that Santa is stuck and cannot get back in time for Christmas, they build a rocket and make space suits, and together with their closest family, they set off. 

Excitement rises as they travel over their village, towards Santa, shouting for help.

The family visits multiple planets within the solar system, and one of the sisters takes it on herself to save one of the reindeer in her own rocket.

After Santa is reunited with his sleigh and reindeer, the family goes back home for a hot cup of coco.

© 2019 by Magdalena Werner.