Monsterous book of Monsters

The Monsterous book of Monsters is one of annual releases by UM's research division, concentrating on the use and influence of social media on people.

Book design and illustration

Once upon a time, September 2006 to be precise, Facebook opened its doors to everyone with a valid email address aged 13 years plus. Since this monumental day Facebook has established itself as the number 1 social platform globally, maintaining a steady 30 million users in the UK.

But a decade is a long time in the world of social media. New players are nipping at Facebook’s mighty heels, each keen to steal a share of our social media time.

As Facebook fights to maintain its dominance,
this research examines the new kids on the block - Snapchat, Pinterest or Instagram anyone?


The research examines why these platforms are gaining favour, the cracks they highlight in Facebook’s veneer and how smart advertisers are once again evolving their communication strategies to work in this new social order.

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