Skinee Rino

Brand identity

Skinee Rino is a start up agency working with freelancers UK wide.

The brand's core idea is to provide straight forward approach to strategic sales and creative marketing. Skinee RIno works with designers, copywriters, coders, digital media, website builders, videographers, photographers, storytellers, business coaches and advisors.

I was approached by the owners to create a logo that would reflect the creative, and  non-mainstream outlook of the brand.

The idea was to create a modern looking brand with a twist - an inspiration taken from 70s punk style (think Ramones). 

The client wanted a logo that uses a characters - a cross between a rhino and a unicorn, dressed in punk clothes. They also wanted to use six basic colours: blue, purple, yellow, orange, red and green. 

The logo takes inspiration from 70s zines, Sex Pistols logo, and the general 'put together', scanned, torn style of the 70s punk movement.

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